Bring Life to Your Landscape With Luxury

Bring Life to Your Landscape With Luxury

By John Mini Distinctive Landscapes
Posted in Indoor Landscaping
On November 12, 2018

Your landscape says a lot about who you are. Make sure to put in the extra care that your area deserves. A luxurious landscape is all about making your space comfortable to use and pleasing to the eye, not about breaking the bank.

Focus on the Entry

The front entryway will be used by many people to form their first impressions and it is something that will be seen by all frequently. Use this as an opportunity to make an impact in your space. Keep in mind, your entryway should be just as interesting in the heat of the summer as it is in the cold winter months. This may mean changing some elements out a few times a year. If your landscape is at a standstill, your business will be too!

Create Purpose

Dividing up space so it does not feel like one giant area can actually make your location feel larger and more enjoyable. Perhaps you are looking to have a seating area, a relaxation spot, or a fun place for friends to chat. Establish a natural flow among these areas by using colors, patterns and textures that tie everything together.

Stick With One Style

While you may be a fan of more than one type of design, it is important to pick one and use it consistently throughout your landscape. Mixing different styles can cause a clash and lead to confusion. Following a cohesive theme allows the eye to enjoy the beauty and relax.

Less, Not More

It may seem like looking luxurious is all about showing off excess and an overabundance of decor. In reality, having too many elements can overwhelm a design and clutter up the space. To truly nail the luxurious look, focus on the fine details, which will give your space the luxe look for less. A couple of well-placed statement pieces can give your space the wow factor without overpowering your landscape.

Use Color

As it turns out, color can do some pretty incredible things. An otherwise dull space can really come to life with color. Adding pops of color to a neutral space or deepening the existing color can make an area feel brand new. Proper use of color can also influence mood and perception, as well as alter the viewer’s perception and create the illusion of depth.

As you can see, designing a luxurious landscape is not as easy as it may seem. Luckily, our team has the expertise needed to make your space useful and upscale. For more information on designing a lavish landscape, contact us today!


John Mini Distinctive Landscapes

John Mini Distinctive Landscapes

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