Welcome to John Mini

A WBE Certified Firm.

Founded on passion and ambition, we create the unexpected. With over 50 years of experience pushing the limits of landscaping, John Mini designs, constructs and maintains indoor, outdoor, and holiday landscapes for corporate and commercial clients in the Tri-State area.

Our operation team of 200+ problem-solvers, equipped with a large facility and a fleet of trucks, has the capability to make any space beautiful. We build our company on these three promises, allowing us to accomplish the extraordinary.


Build a
Distinctive Team

John Mini Distinctive Formula - Build a Distinctive Team

Distinctive Quality

John Mini Distinctive Formula - Provide Distinctive Quality

Distinctive Experiences

John Mini Distinctive Formula - Deliver Distinctive Experiences

Our Values

Passion inspires our work. Expertise sustains it.

Be creative and explore new ideas


Be resourceful and solve problems

Push the limits and dream big

Be passionate and have fun

Pursue growth and learning

Cherish nature

Collaborate relentlessly

Be accountable

Creativity and Talent Under One Roof

At John Mini, we’re not afraid to color outside the lines. Encouraged to think differently, our team takes chances, sourcing inspiration from unexpected places in order to always be at the forefront of landscaping trends.

The open, collaborative, and client-centered culture we foster allows us to create truly distinctive work for our clients.