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Contemporary Decor

Enriching the Space with Contemporary Holiday Decor

Tasked to design and install contemporary holiday decorations for this luxurious office lobby, the John Mini team welcomed the challenge of creating a unique design that inspires holiday festivity while simultaneously respecting the space’s minimalist edge.

Our team took inspiration from the bold color palette patterned in the vivid artwork wall, the lobby’s focal point. By combining organic design elements with a contemporary color scheme, our team created a unique holiday display that was both minimal in its simplicity, yet interesting in its bold color palettes and striking planting choices.

An innovative reinterpretation of holiday design, our contemporary holiday decor left our client and their visitors feeling enchanted by the holidays.



John Mini provided creative ideas and alternatives that were better than I was able to find anywhere else in the market. They were always flexible when we wanted to make changes, and I would absolutely recommend their holiday services to anyone seeking them out.

Sandra Hahn



A custom holiday design featuring a complimentary color palette that borrows hues from the bold art wall and contrasts it with bright jewel tones.


Ten manzanita arrangements decorated with striking platinum branches anchor the unique design against the brilliant white floor.



2016 AmericanHort International Plantscape Award

Recognized for the unique holiday decor and exquisite color palette we designed and installed for this elegant office lobby, AmericanHort awarded the John Mini team the 2016 AmericanHort International Plantscape Award.



Jack M.

Jack M.

Dan P.

Dan P.

This contemporary lobby required a disciplined design concept to accelerate its holiday festivity, while simultaneously respecting its minimalist edge. Our design team welcomed this challenge, delivering an innovative reinterpretation of holiday décor that left the client and visitors enchanted by the holidays in a modern way!

Jack M

Jack M.