Jardin of Color

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Inspired by the French adage for ‘thing-a-ma-jig’, this avant-garde office space dared to reimagine the monotonous work environment with a space that will invoke passion and curiosity. The intricate & unusual curves in the construction of this space allowed for a whimsical environment to take shape in this creative hub designed for marketing professionals to think outside the box.

The architecture and landscape molded together in harmony to form an inspired space for employees and clients alike. The intention was to construct a place for dreamers, and the execution did not fall short. As you make your way around this office, you find yourself on a journey through different realms, all inspiring in their own unique way. Color theory was put to the test to evoke different thought patterns helping the wilds of the mind to come up with fresh perspectives in marketing efforts. Whether you’re searching for a clear mind in a stark white room or an energetic boost in a fiery orange conversation pit, it’s here you will find it.



This client stands out as one of the kindest and most considerate I have worked with since working with John Mini. They were a true partner in all phases of the installation. I always look forward to working with them.

Francesca F.



Our firm was brought in early to the design phase of this project to consult on plant choices, build out details & installation logistics. In the initial design meetings, we started with color coordinated plant palettes to match the intended paint color of the walls for a fully immersive experience.

We challenged ourselves to use plants that would continually produce color through foliage, as opposed to the fleeting display of colorful flowers. We expanded beyond standard indoor plants to push the limits horticulturally. This led to the discovery of unique species not typically seen in indoor landscapes.

A compact installation schedule required expert communication between all trades on this full-on construction site. Painting of the walls and installation of the plants often occurred within hours of each other.

We incorporated a mix of unique top-dressing options to further enhance the vision of this landscape. A mix of different moss and mulch types combined with a paver stone pathway to create an alluring passage that is safe for employees to utilize to travel around different parts of the office.


Liana H.

Liana H.

Samantha B.

Samantha B.

The project's creatives gave us permission to 'color outside the lines,' allowing for a collaborative and vibrant process, and leading to a chromatic celebration grounded in nature.

Sam B.

Sam B.