5 Plants That Are Perfect For Sweater Weather

5 Plants That Are Perfect For Sweater Weather

By Stacey Anderson
Posted in Outdoor Landscaping
On October 17, 2019

Somehow the Fall season seems to creep in earlier and earlier each year. Am I the only one who has seen scarecrows and fall leaves on display in Michaels? As much as I love the hot summer nights, I’m ready for crisp walks in Central Park while snacking on anything “pumpkin spice” and “apple cider” flavored (I’m looking at you Dunkin Donuts). Which means it’s also time to start thinking about what you want your landscapes Fall interest to be. Here are five tried and true options that will be sure to make your residence the envy of the neighborhood.


1. Chrysanthemums – I’ve never seen a shade of chrysanthemum I didn’t like. These flowers are perfect for the Fall season as they bring in large and bright color interest to your landscape. They do particularly well in NYC and require little maintenance. Pro Tip: watering chrysanthemums at the base will help the flower blooms to last longer.


2. Ornamental Cabbage & Kale - You may be tempted to eat these beauties, but I promise they will look and taste much better as decoration. Cabbages and kale are a great way to bring vibrant green and purple colors to your landscape while also providing interesting textures that you don’t see on most plants. Pro Tip: Cabbages and kale are best maintained in partially shady areas where the soil doesn’t stay too wet.


3. Cyclamen – These flowers are sure to steal the show in any container garden in the Fall. Not only do they have gorgeous detailed green and white foliage, but their lively flower blooms are sure to catch everyone’s eye. Pro Tip: Cyclamen go through a dormancy period in which they will drop their leaves after blooming. No need to panic, let Mother Nature work her magic and the plants will rebloom in two months.


4. Ornamental Peppers – Bring some fun and spice to your landscape with ornamental peppers. You can find these in a variety of vibrant colors with a glossy sheen. These peppers are sure to make people do a double take. Pro Tip:  Fertilize your peppers after the first fruits set to help extend their color through the Fall.


5. Croton – I know you’re probably thinking, “Isn’t this a tropical plant?” but I can assure you that these are Fall’s best kept secret. The bright yellow, red, and orange foliage is perfect for this time of year. These are low maintenance and high reward plants that are sure to bring you joy, Marie Kondo approved. Pro Tip: Croton’s can often lose their leaves in high winds, so make sure to plant in areas where they will be protected on windy days.

Now that you’re ready for cooler weather, soak in those last sites of begonias because mums are coming. Happy Fall Ya’ll!

Stacey Anderson

Stacey Anderson

Stacey Anderson is the Uptown Account Supervisor for John Mini distinctive landscapes. Stacey obtained a Bachelor's of Science in Landscape Management from Brigham Young University. She is passionate about design, travel and of course, plants! Her expertise in the maintenance of landscapes here at John Mini has inspired her team to keep each account at the utmost standard.