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"Black Rock Forest” Design Concept​


The Architect’s team initially envisioned a green space in which they could separate from the hustle and bustle of the airport terminal. After spending a weekend in the upstate New York forests, the architect used the understory in which he experienced to drive the initial design.​

Although a skilled Landscape Architecture firm, Supermass Studios needed the help of our company to turn their outdoor New York understory into a lush composition that not only would thrive in the large medium light space but also would represent the ecosystem properly. This included adding towering 30’ artificial trees to encompass the full concept of a forest zone. In turn this complemented the floor tiles that mimicked light peeking through the top canopies and casting shadows to the spaces below. 



The forest floor design direction was kept consistent throughout the space, even on inaccessible ledges above escalators, by utilizing museum quality faux foliage in these keys places to speak to the story without distraction.

Samantha Barrett



By using inspiration from the Black Rock Forest located in Orange County, NY the design was intended to embrace the low light conditions and emphasize and highlight the understory of the local forests. This included adding pops of color you might find naturally from Mountain Laurel and Rhododendron drifts. We even explored pulling the large planters into the surrounding couch siting area of the new terminal with options for live and artificial material.

The use of indoor plants that represented native outdoor plants was the true challenge. ​

To accomplish this, we used Arboricola to mimic Rhododendrons and Norfolk Island Pines to bring the evergreen textures of the pines and spruces.

Initial concept sketches developed into renderings that enabled the client to determine which elements and proportions to prioritize to achieve their vision.  Precision sourcing with premiere nurseries for the live material was key to installing quality material. We also worked directly with a company for high quality artificial trees that towered over the planters at various heights up to 30 feet tall. ​

Interior plants that were site appropriate and representative of New York Forests were selected to offer a green arrival and retreat of the city. ​

After years of teamwork between multiple companies the Terminal was finally complete for passengers to become fully engulfed in the forest oasis. ​


Keith Behringer

Keith Behringer

Samantha Barrett

Samantha Barrett

We collaborated with the renowned Landscape Architecture Firm, Supermass Studio, to create a destination that represented the environment that one would discover in many of New York’s acclaimed parks.

Keith Behringer

Keith Behringer