Making the Most of Smaller Spaces

Making the Most of Smaller Spaces

By John Mini Distinctive Landscapes
Posted in Outdoor Landscaping
On January 23, 2019

At John Mini Distinctive Landscapes, we’ll take on any challenge, including the challenge of incorporating biophilic design into smaller spaces. So if you have a small area you would like planted, look no further than JMDL to work wonders. Just because you only have a small space to work with, doesn’t mean you can’t think big!

Whether you’re looking for something busy and cozy, or you’re looking for something a little more refined and elegant, we have solutions that can turn any space into a plant lover’s dream.

Here are some tips, rules, and tools that help us make the most out of smaller spaces:

Leave Space
One common mistake in deciding what should be done with smaller areas is that people will want to cover every single inch of the space they do have. But to truly make the most of the space you have, you should leave some space open. This open space can be used to draw the eyes of guests along a visual path, rather than overwhelming them by trying to force too much of a good thing.

Dwarf Plants
Love a plant variety but it’s too big for the space you have available? Maybe there’s a dwarf variety available. Plant breeders have been selectively choosing traits and cultivating them into new plants for centuries. While dwarf varieties don’t exist for every type of plant, there’s a good chance that you won’t need to compromise to achieve exactly what you want.

Columnar Plants/Trailing Plants
Another thing to look at when choosing the plants for your limited landscape is their growth characteristics. Columnar plants tend to grow straight up, providing plenty of space to their sides for other plants or open space. Trailing plants will trail down the sides of planters and hang from window boxes and ledges. When planted higher up, these plants can help to bridge the gap between the top and bottom of your landscape and help pull it all together.

Window Boxes/Hanging Planters/Containers
Using planters can help to section off or compartmentalize your landscape. Adding containers, window boxes, and hanging planters, that will help you make more use of the space you have while creating a more visually stunning landscape. Trailing plants climbing down from containers and columnar plants growing tall will help to create a complete vision of nature in your space.

One interesting technique that takes a bit more practice is espaliering, or the practice of controlling woody plant growth. Through a process of pruning and tying off branches to a frame, trees can be controlled to grow into the spaces you compel them to grow in. This does not work with all trees, but it does work with a large variety, as well as some shrubs and woody vines.

Living Wall
Living walls are a beautiful addition to any indoor or outdoor limited landscape. Built vertically, a living wall takes very little space but makes an incredibly large impact. JMDL specializes in the installations of living walls and we can build you a living wall that will fit the dimensions and the aesthetic of the area you desire it.

Too many people avoid incorporating nature into their living and working spaces because they feel like they’re lacking the space needed for something truly impressive. John Mini Distinctive Landscapes will help you transform your space beyond what you would have thought possible. At John Mini, we strive to exceed expectations on every project we take on, let us take on the job of transforming your landscape.



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