#GreenYourScene: Behind the Scenes of Living Walls

#GreenYourScene: Behind the Scenes of Living Walls

Go behind the scenes and see how a living wall can breathe life back into your space.

Living walls are sure to make a statement visually. They also make a huge impact that may not be seen, but is sure to be felt. Green walls improve air quality and create healthy environments, but how do they do it? We at John Mini are here to tell you all you need to know about living walls and what they do.

1. Increase oxygen- Plants naturally permeate the air with oxygen, while reducing carbon dioxide for overall improved quality. On top of that, certain plant’s leaves can remove traces of toxic chemicals such as carbon monoxide and formaldehyde.

2. Releases natural humidity- The correct living wall plants can release water vapor that cools the air in the summer and restores optimal moisture to dry spaces in the winter.

3. Reduces particle pollution- This can reduce allergies and improve the body’s resistance to the cold and flu. Not only will you feel healthier, but happier and more productive too.

4. Saves energy- The interior and exterior living green walls cool the air in the warmer summer months, which is called “evapotranspiration.” In the winter months, outdoor walls act as insulation and reduces heating costs for the building.

5. Provides protection for the building- The plants and soil in outdoor living walls provide a barrier from temperature fluctuations, UV radiation and high winds. Allow us to show the ways John Mini can protect your building.  

6. Reduces noise- Green walls act as an extra layer of insulation and reduce noise. This can greatly benefit occupants in buildings that are affected by trains, traffic, airports, and all sounds of the city.

7. Improves focus- Research has shown that using nature such as living walls in the workplace can soothe mental fatigue, reduce eyestrain and improve focus on various tasks.

At John Mini Distinctive Landscapes, we believe everyone deserves the benefits a living wall can provide and we hope you choose us for your living wall needs. Designing and installing a living wall requires careful deliberation and expertise, which we specialize in.  


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