The Importance of Finding the Perfect Planters for Your Landscaping

The Importance of Finding the Perfect Planters for Your Landscaping

If the name didn't give it away, plants and planters work hand in hand with each other. Finding the right planter makes all the difference.

Adding Symmetry

Eyes are naturally drawn to balance and repetition, so symmetry is a sure way to capture attention. If used properly, it can be used to create themes throughout your space. We implement symmetry with not just your planters, but the plants as well! Colors, shapes, and sizes are all important when trying to create balance in your space.

Let it Cascade

A method we use is letting the plant hang over the side, allowing for a unique cascading look that can be styled numerous ways depending on which plants are used.

Hang it Up

Once of our favorite techniques is to take advantage of wall space that may have otherwise been forgotten and keep your pathways clear. By doing this, we can create an area that feels larger and will add texture and contrast to your space.

Add Height

It’s easy to overlook vertical space. Freestanding or hanging containers add a three dimensional look through the use of size and texture, which our team can accentuate by adding the perfect plants.

Create Focal Points

By using large or colorful containers, we can create focal points in otherwise empty or dull spaces. Adding shapely or multicolored plants can further highlight the focal points on your space.

Frame An Entry

Doors, gates, and other entrances are naturally focal points. We can help you make a great first impression by framing these areas with beautiful planters that will make your visitors light up every time they walk by.

While these tips seem simple, using the right planters can make an enormous statement and should be carefully planned out. At John Mini Distinctive Landscapes, we will work with you to find and create the planters to best compliment your plants and overall design.


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