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George “Groundhog”Axiotakis is a horticulturist with our Indoor division.  He has taught a begonia class at the NYBG, and enjoys tropical epiphytes, terrariums and sub-tropical gardening. 

George is also a volunteer garden coordinator for the New York Restoration Project where he designed a xeriscape using native and subtropical plants. In addition, he has done seminars on growing epiphytes for American Frog Day, an annual symposium dedicated to amphibian conservation. George has trained dogs and is an expert on exotic reptile husbandry.

When not gardening, George is a musician who sings and blows harp. He occasionally blogs at Daily Kos and Salon as Groundhog.  

By George Axiotakis, Posted in What's Happening At John Mini

John Mini uses a variety of plants in its color program, including anthuriums, bromeliads,kalanchoes and a few orchid species. We use them alone in dish gardens, in combinationbowl gardens, and in open terrariums. Orchids are prized for their beautiful flowers, amongthe most spectacular in the plant... read more.

  • March 31, 2022

By George Axiotakis, Posted in Indoor Landscaping

I was tempted to title this article, “Time to Plantsplain™” I like plants enough to occasionallyhang around exotic plant websites and Facebook plant groups. Probably the most commonquestion(s) go like this: Why is my plant stretching/yellowing/dropping leaves? Theaccompanying pics... read more.

  • March 15, 2022

By George Axiotakis, Posted in Indoor Landscaping

So you want that gorgeous plant that you saw at your office, or a client's office, or in a building atrium. More and more, businesses see the real benefits of greening their spaces. John Mini uses a wide variety of tropicals to beautify indoor spaces, including palms, exotic figs, lush aroids and to... read more.

  • January 10, 2020

By George Axiotakis, Posted in Holiday Decor Ideas

Like many, many landscaping firms, a big part of John Mini's business is creating lovely holiday displays. Of course, the most popular holiday plant is the poinsettia; other popular holiday plants include Cyclamen, Norfolk Island Pine and the Christmas (actually Thanksgiving) Cactus.  Here are... read more.

  • December 13, 2019