Commercial Landscape Maintenance

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While creative design and sustainable construction create the foundation for beautiful commercial landscapes, any seasoned horticulturalist will testify that landscape management is crucial to maintaining the life and vibrancy of your greenery – whether indoors or outside.

Our Account Managers and their teams of experienced horticulturalists make regular visits to your property to ensure optimum appearance and growth of your landscape. Your account manager will know your space intimately, and will be able to make suggestions based on seasonality, aesthetic, and your most prominent landscaping needs.

Landscape Management


Landscaping is a natural way to enhance your commercial property and welcome incoming visitors, but it's important that landscapes receive the right management and care. Depending on the time of year and various microclimates around New York City, landscapes require different kinds of attention to thrive. Our landscape maintenance services include year-round care, and your account manager will ensure each part of your landscape is properly tended to in order to flourish.


Indoor Plant Maintenance


With proper and consistent care, adding live foliage to an office, lobby, or common space immediately enhances the aesthetic of a commercial property. Whether we're maintaining our own interior landscape design or taking over the maintenance of your existing plants, our horticultural specialists will learn the specific needs of your space by visiting regularly to check in and ensure that plants and flowers are looking beautiful and growing optimally. The indoors can feel just as lively as the outdoors with the right plantscaping.


Let's make your property a little more green, shall we?

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Landscape Management Services

Spring Cleaning Services
  • Removing winter debris 
  • Cutting back plants to ensure re-growth
  • Irrigation auditing, programming, and testing 
Spring, Summer, & Fall Landscape Maintenance Services
  • Weekly lawn mowing and clippings removal
  • Spring and fall fertilization
  • Cosmetic and corrective tree pruning  
  • Pruning and shearing for plant form and health
  • Pest and disease monitoring, as well as treatment if necessary 
  • Regular pruning of perennial plants for sustainability
  • Weed removal 
  • Ongoing irrigation monitoring and water management
Fall Clean up and Winterization Services
  • Thorough cleaning of landscape debris 
  • Cutting back perennial plants for winter preservation
  •  Irrigation deactivation and shut down
  • Applying anti-desiccant to evergreens and shrubs 

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Indoor Plant Maintenance Services


If your space is already green, our horticulturalists will assess the current indoor plants and flowers to create a custom maintenance plan, including watering schedules, placement recommendations, and recommendations for additional plants or cultivars based on aesthetic goals. 

Routine Plant Care Services
  • Monitoring overall plant health
  • Providing pest, disease, and fungal control as needed (always with non-toxic products, following IPM & LEED standards)
  • Regular watering and fertilization as needed 
  • Cosmetic pruning, trimming, and shaping plants 
  • Dusting, washing, and cleaning plants 
  • General cleanup, regular removal of plant debris 
  • Regular, quick flower refreshment
  • Irrigation services 
Living Wall Maintenance Services
  • Regular cosmetic pruning of living wall foliage 
  • Pruning and shearing plants for optimal form and health
  • Soil or medium testing and monitoring for essential nutrients, minerals, and medium structure
  • Fertilization and other corrective treatments for ongoing plant and soil health


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