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What is an indoor living wall?

An indoor living wall is an array of live plants that are planted vertically and grown against a wall using several types of green wall systems. Living walls can also be referred to as green walls, vertical gardens, live walls, or vertical plantings.

What are the benefits of an indoor living wall?

Collaborative Office Space

Colorful living walls act as wall decor for this Manhattan office.

As we see less green spaces in our cities, indoor green walls help bring nature back to crowded urban environments while providing many health benefits for residents, employees, and customers.

Like any indoor planting, green walls help improve air quality inside buildings. In addition, studies have shown that being close to plants positively impacts people’s well-being and can lead to an increase in job satisfaction and employees taking less sick days. Lastly, green walls are living art. A green wall - with its lush textures and vivid colors - are sure to increase property value and brighten any space.

How do indoor living walls work?

Living walls are planted vertically using a variety of living wall systems. Systems range from tray systems to a range of hydroponic and modular hydroponic systems.

A range of systems and planting mediums exist to accommodate the vast amount of environments, spaces, and micro climates we may encounter in any given space. As the experts, we can assess the best system to use for a given environment, weighing both the cost and the sustainability of the planting.

How are living walls installed indoors?

Indoor living walls can either be added during the initial construction of a space, or installed into an existing space.

Are indoor living walls hard to maintain?

Like any type of planting, interior green walls require regular maintenance to keep the plants healthy. If properly maintained, an indoor living wall can last 10 years or more, depending on the system used.

Maintenance includes anything from pest control and pruning to plant nutrition and aesthetic control. In addition, maintaining a living wall may require the use of larger equipment, such as heavy-duty ladders or power lifts, which is why hiring a landscape maintenance company is the best way to keep living walls beautiful.

What are the best plants for indoor living walls?

The most popular type of indoor living wall plantings are tropical plants, because they are most tolerant to lower light conditions typical in indoor spaces. However, green walls should be designed to fit the specific environment’s space, climate, aesthetic, and other factors.

Designing and installing a living wall requires careful consideration and consultation with landscape design experts to determine the best types of plantings that will work in your space.

Bring Your Green Wall to Life

Designing an Indoor Living Wall

Not all living walls have to look the same. Experienced in installing lush green walls textured with beautiful plants, our team will work with you to create a custom green wall design that perfectly matches your space.

Installing an Indoor Living Wall

As leaders in indoor landscaping for over 40 years, we are knowledgeable about all available living wall systems and can make any vertical garden a reality.

Maintaining an Indoor Living Wall

A living wall is only beautiful as long as its design is thoughtful and the plants are well-maintained. Our horticulturalists will make regular visits to care for your green wall and ensure proper irrigation, pest control, pruning, and plant nutrition.


Bring Nature Inside with an Indoor Living Wall

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