Bring Your Landscape Together for the Holidays

Bring Your Landscape Together for the Holidays

Holiday decor is key to keeping your office in the spirit of the season during the winter months, but rather than simply repeating last year’s decorations, think outside the box by bringing your indoor and outdoor landscape together for the holidays.

This is John Mini’s area of expertise, and we know exactly how you can use greenery, displays, and lights both indoors and out to stay trendy during the winter months. By choosing interior designs that seamlessly integrate with your outdoor landscape, you can make your building stand out while still feeling like a workplace.

Live Outdoor Decorations

Just because it’s chilly outside doesn’t mean you can’t add some holiday elements to your outdoor gardens or tree pits. Use live pieces such as wreaths, garlands, or evergreen trees to give your exterior and interior landscapes a united feel.

You could also take advantage of any greenery you already have by adding holiday decorations that match your motif and continue the festive theme.

You can make these brilliant centerpieces or a subtle reminder of the holiday season that will give your visitors an experience that feels planned and professional.


Your holiday displays bring life to the focal points of your office. Whether it’s a sleigh filled with gifts, a lit golden menorah, or giant snowflakes suspended from the ceiling, your displays are a chance to make your office stand out.

When planning your holiday scenes, you need to consider your overall landscape and choose something that not only fits with your company culture but also with your current design. You want to plan your displays for the spaces that they will fill rather than planning a display and then deciding where to put it. For example, if you have a large indoor atrium, you may want to consider a tall tree or other display that encourages viewers to look up. If you have a smaller lobby, you may want to consider something that draws attention to the focal point of the room, like a desk or waiting area.


The lights you choose are essential to maintaining a holiday look. Not only are they a great way to use the extra hours of darkness to show off your workplace, but they can set the mood you want to permeate through your holiday landscape.

You can use warm, white lights to keep your space noticeable without distracting from your other decorations. We love using white lights as a part of a modern decorating style, as they can be used both indoors and out to brighten up trees or columns.

For something a bit more edgy, you can choose colored light, but do this with care. The light you choose may be unflattering to your other decorations, so if you have a muted mulberry carpet, you may want to think twice about using bright green lights. However, if you match your lights carefully, they can create a signature look that is bound to impress your employees and customers alike.

Here at John Mini, we are experts at bringing the outdoors in, and this becomes our best asset during the holiday season. Based in New York City, John Mini is positioned to give you the best interior holiday landscape you’ll see all season!


John Mini Distinctive Landscapes

John Mini Distinctive Landscapes

With over 40 years of experience pushing the limits of landscaping, John Mini designs, constructs and maintains indoor, outdoor, and holiday landscapes for corporate and commercial clients in the Tri-State area.