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Stacey Anderson is the Uptown Account Supervisor for John Mini distinctive landscapes. Stacey obtained a Bachelor's of Science in Landscape Management from Brigham Young University. She is passionate about design, travel and of course, plants! Her expertise in the maintenance of landscapes here at John Mini has inspired her team to keep each account at the utmost standard.

By Stacey Anderson, Posted in Outdoor Landscaping

As the landscaping season comes to an end and Winter approaches, you might start to wonder how your plants will survive. It’s true, most plants are not suitable for the cold temperatures and harsh winds of the Winter season. However, you can rest easy knowing that come Spring, you will have ne... read more.

  • November 08, 2019

By Stacey Anderson, Posted in Outdoor Landscaping

Somehow the Fall season seems to creep in earlier and earlier each year. Am I the only one who has seen scarecrows and fall leaves on display in Michaels? As much as I love the hot summer nights, I’m ready for crisp walks in Central Park while snacking on anything “pumpkin spice” a... read more.

  • October 17, 2019