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Ron Santos is a foreman for John Mini Distinctive Landscapes. Ron holds an associates in criminal justice and is a self taught landscaper. While football is his first passion, he also loves to inspire others in the workplace with his extensive landscape installation knowledge. He always keeps the teams motivated!

At John Mini, Ron orchestrates the crews on job sites while being the liaison for sub-contractors and building managers to ensure the project is carried out properly through completion. Ron has worked on notable jobs with John Mini Distinctive landscapes such as Columbia University and LaGuardia Airport.

By Ron Santos, Posted in Outdoor Landscaping

With Fall already here and Winter fast approaching there are some things you should think about doing, regarding your landscape, before the freezing temperatures arrive. These suggestions can help you to save time and money come spring and always saves a lot of the headache. Listed below are some ti... read more.

  • November 22, 2019

By Ron Santos, Posted in Outdoor Landscaping

When landscaping, we sometimes just think about what we want and like, and forget that we aren’t the only ones using the space. There are other species that use this space as well, and we can keep them in mind when creating an ecologically friendly landscape. With proper research and planning... read more.

  • October 04, 2019