A Community Born to Thrive

A Community Born to Thrive

By Mark Mini
Posted in What's Happening At John Mini
On June 09, 2020

Together, we are fighting through a storm known as the COVID-19 pandemic. And as we weather the storm and move to open our local economy, we reignite the ongoing battle for social equality that will test our endurance and will as a community. 

Okay, so what’s next? A better world. 

There is no question our country is living through a transformative time. Today we either choose to do nothing or we reflect and learn to be a better society. At John Mini, we choose the latter. As a fellow New Yorker, we say without reservation that when push comes to shove our partners, the businesses we work for, and our neighbors all choose the same. Reflect and learn to be better. 

This moment in our history is an opportunity. An opportunity for us to become a cleaner, healthier, and happier community. An opportunity for us to reverse systemic inequality and racism to give equal access to the American ‘hustle’ which New York embodies. 

Considering the environment, let us share a couple things we are reminded of daily.

One, we love our community. From our cherished vendors to our beloved neighbors across the tri-state area to our customers who invest dollars in small businesses like us. Through half of a century in business, we have watched our community not only survive, but also unite and thrive in times of adversity. This time will be no different.

Two, it is all about people. From the people who make up our team to the people we serve day in and day out. For months we were ripped from our social connections and fragility of life was front and center. 

An excerpt from our home page reads as such, 

“Our community proved that in the face of adversity, we persevere. We were reminded what it means to be determined, act with intention and be proud of your work. Our pride is manifested through the roles each of us were born to take. What were you born to do?”

Maybe you were born to garden, born to be an activist, born to farm, born to build, born to paint, or maybe you were born to save lives. We are not here to tell anyone what they were born to do. Our message is intended as such. 

When life forces you to take stock, we hope you seek purpose. We hope you are damn sure you get up each day, walk out the door, and do something that is meaningful to you. At John Mini, this mentality has guided us from day one. We seek the teammate who is passionate. The teammate that will approach the task at hand with conviction. 

With these thoughts in mind, here is what you can expect from us.

People who love what they do and are proud of their work.

Continued investment in and admiration of our team.

A business ready to lean into our community by seeking new partnerships and entrenching ourselves even deeper with local vendors.

A change agent. All community stakeholders – business to government to individual – must play a role in overcoming society’s challenges. When it comes to working safely and professionally in the ‘new economy’ and fighting systemic inequality, John Mini will not just promote. We will act.

An experiential service delivered through the actions of our team.

Stay tuned,
Mark Mini