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What is corporate holiday decor?

Corporate holiday decor is the professional design and installation of indoor and outdoor holiday decorations and ornamentations for offices, residential buildings, hotels, hospitals, and other commercial spaces.

Why decorate corporate spaces for the holidays?

The city is a major destination for the holiday season, and in the midst of the hustle and bustle of urban life, holiday decorations encourage people to stop and enjoy the city, the season, and your space. Professionally installed holiday decor ensures that your commercial space not only has the highest-quality decorations but also a unique holiday design that matches your company aesthetic, tells a story, and meets the latest design trends.

Corporate holiday decor cultivates an atmosphere of joy and festivity during the holiday months. However, while the holidays are a wonderful opportunity to connect with employees and customers, decorating for the season can be a major undertaking if you’re trying to do it yourself. Instead of DIY-ing your holiday decor, consider hiring professional holiday decorators to deck your halls with beautiful and grandiose holiday ornaments, lights, and plants.

What are some examples of corporate holiday decorations?


A unique outdoor holiday display for a NYC building.

Holiday decor encompasses Christmas, Hanukkah and non-denominational decorations. Examples of holiday decor can include live and artificial trees, wreaths, garlands with ornamentation, holiday props, and other decorations that capture the essence of the holiday season.

Most holiday decorating companies offer standard design packages, but the very best holiday decorators offer unique holiday designs and themes that are not only custom to your space but also make your decorations stand out from the rest.

Whether it’s installing unique ornamentation that’s distinctive from the standard (like a holiday sleigh display featuring an authentic 100-year-old vintage winter sleigh), matching the decor to the space’s current design aesthetic (like this contemporary holiday lobby with a custom-matched color palette), or adding a creative spin on classic holiday themes (like this green atrium holiday that mixes plantings with bright adornments), professional holiday decor should transform your space and bring people together.

What is your process for designing corporate holiday decor?

We plan for the holidays all year long, investing in new themes and decor each year, maintaining our wide variety of traditional and modern decor. We work with you to determine the perfect holiday scene and design for your space, and then we bring it to life quickly and professionally. Whether you are looking for a Christmas or non-religious display, we will provide a custom design that fits your distinctive style.

Professional Holiday Decorating Services For Any Corporate Space

Holiday Design

Our holiday team will meet you on-site to discuss your needs and study your space. Then, we will develop a holiday design specifically tailored to your space and style.

Holiday Installation

We are flexible on installation and schedule around your needs. Our extensive resources - including a large fleet of trucks and a professional install crew - help us address challenges quickly during installation.

Holiday Maintenance

We maintain your holiday decor throughout the season, as necessary. Additionally, we offer flexible take-down options to meet your post-holiday schedule and provide year-round storage and refurbishment of all decorations.


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