Thinking Big In A Small Space

Thinking Big In A Small Space

By John Mini Distinctive Landscapes
Posted in Indoor Landscaping
On September 05, 2018

Want to add a little green to your landscape but have a small space? There’s no need to worry because we can create highly functional and beautiful designs, regardless of size!

Small spaces do require a bit more creativity with their design, but it is important to note that with the right designer anything can be done. At John Mini, our team has the experience and knowledge to transform your space into something spectacular! Here are some of the ways we can make the most of your space:

Tricking the Eye

Use lines to make your space appear lengthier. By slightly angling the lines of a walkway inward, you can make it appear longer than it actually is. It is important to use angles slightly and carefully to appear as natural as possible. Lines can also be used in a variety of ways to create depth in any design.

Add Movement

Our eyes are drawn towards movement and it creates the illusion of a more open space. Grasses or willow plants and trees are an interesting way to add movement, as well as texture, into your design. This movement will ensure your space feels cozy rather than small.

Use A Theme

The benefit of having a smaller space is that it is easier to pull off a theme. Whether you are going for an Asian Zen vibe or sticking with certain colors, the cohesion will distract from the size of your space. Not to mention, you can pull off themes that would be far too much for a larger space.

Grow Up, Not Out

Outdoor living walls allow you to have ample greenery without sacrificing your space because they grow vertically. On top of that, they are extremely versatile and can be built with a variety of plants depending on what your space needs. Lighting options and water features are also great ways to make use of vertical space.

Capture the View

By drawing attention to a feature, whether it be large or small, it carries the eyes out. “Borrowing” a view of buildings, bridges or other features in the distance makes your space appear more interesting. Therefore, your design should be sure to emphasize any view you have.

These are just a handful of the methods we use to design something special in your space. Although your landscape cannot actually increase in size, these tips from the John Mini team can fool you into thinking you have a larger space.

If you are interested in maximizing your space, contact John Mini today to see how we can transform your landscape!


John Mini Distinctive Landscapes

John Mini Distinctive Landscapes

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