Take Your Landscape To The Next Level With Texture

Take Your Landscape To The Next Level With Texture

Color and shape play a key role in the garden, but don't forget about the importance of texture in garden design!

What is texture in the garden?

Not to be confused with how a plant feels, texture in the garden is largely about the combined look of all the surface elements of a garden working together. This includes things like a plant’s size, shape and foliage. John Mini can help you find the perfect texture for your garden space!

How To Use Texture

Before deciding what types of texture to use, it is important to understand what you want from your space. A space with fine texture tends to be much more casual and free flowing, whereas places with bold texture tend to be more extravagant and formal.

Textures can vary from season to season. Summer brings lush foliage of varying shapes and sizes. In winter, leafless shrubs and thin branches have a fine texture. Therefore, when designing a garden it is necessary to consider how textures will change throughout the year.

Ways To Add Texture

Foliage is a great way to add texture. Common words to describe foliage include bold, fine, coarse, soft, etc. Leaves have differing patterns, colors, shapes and sizes. Simply bringing in new plants that have contrasting texture from what is already there will make a big difference.

Flowers have more of an impact on texture during the summer months, but that is when your garden will get used most. The experts at John Mini can strategically group plants to increase texture and get the desired look for your space.

If you really want to add texture, hardscaping is the way to go. Using gravel, stone, or other hard elements, you can make an eye appealing garden full of texture.

You can trust the John Mini Distinctive Landscapes team to implement features that will compliment your space perfectly!


John Mini Distinctive Landscapes

John Mini Distinctive Landscapes

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