Summer Landscaping: Tips to Make Your Space Look as Hot as the Weather

Summer Landscaping: Tips to Make Your Space Look as Hot as the Weather

Summer is in full bloom, and the hot season brings hot new ways to keep your landscaping fresh and vibrant, as well a whole new set of challenges to keep it that way. Read all the best ways to make your garden shine and keep your space lively and beautiful all summer long.

Be Prepared

A simple, but important tip is making sure your plants are prepped for the summer. Keeping plants from overheating is imperative, especially if they are subject to direct sunlight. Ensuring plants have access to water and are pruned regularly not only keeps them looking neat and healthy, but also encourages new growth. There is a lot to understand when it comes to creating a beautiful landscape. Fortunately, keeping it healthy and maintained in any season is John Mini’s expertise!

Plants That Beat the Heat

Plants that thrive in the heat are a must for landscapes that hope to look gorgeous all summer long. Regional perennials from knockout roses to feather reed grasses are not only sustainable through our summers, but also bloom regularly to add season long interest. Northeast summers bring the opportunity to play with Tropicals and arid plants. From palms to banana plants to succulents and cactuses, these types of plants not only prefer the heat and the sun of the summertime, they cannot live without it! At John Mini, we use a wide array of plants to give you the form and function your summer landscape needs.

Colors That Pop!

Summer is the time of year the sun is at its brightest, so your landscaping should match! The always popular sunflower gives an iconic look with it’s beautiful, bright yellow petals. Throw in a splash of orange with tithonias and buff beauty roses, or even add some deep purple accents with a touch of lavender. Don’t worry if the choices seem overwhelming, we’re not afraid to color outside the lines and will help you choose the colors to liven up your landscape.

Water Smarter

It’s an obvious tip that your landscape needs to be watered to keep your plants happy and healthy. But when the summer sun is bearing down on your garden, you’ve got to ensure your greenery is getting the most mileage out of every drop. While some plants do need more water than others, overwatering can be a concern as well, especially if you live in an area that gets plenty of summer storms. A good rule of thumb is to water plants more when you first plant them, then water on an as needed basis depending on their appearance.

If you want your summer landscaping to really shine, us a call! Our team has the experience, knowledge, and passion to tackle any summer challenge, and have your space looking spectacular at the end of it. At John Mini Distinctive Landscapes, we want your landscape to be the best it can be in any season, and we won’t settle for anything less. Allow John Mini to green your scene, and we’ll turn it into the summer space of your dreams!


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