Private and Peaceful: How A Terrace Can Transform Your Space

Private and Peaceful: How A Terrace Can Transform Your Space

A terrace is an amazing oasis that not only looks beautiful, but provides functionality too!

What are the benefits of having a terrace?

If you’re looking to make the most of your outdoor space, terraces are a wonderful option. Terraces are the ultimate retreat to clear your mind and take a few moments to feel refreshed. They can be built in spaces that are small or difficult to work with. Additionally, they increase your property value and can lower your utility bills. Whether you are looking for something relaxing or for entertaining, John Mini can design a terrace with your needs in mind!

Where can terraces be built?

Terraces can be built anywhere as they are elevated from the ground, whether it be a few feet or several stories. Therefore, hills, rocks or other rough surfaces are not a problem.

Terraces are popular in condo or apartment buildings, as a well designed terrace can bring precious additional living space.Terraces have also proven to be beneficial in office settings, as they are the perfect place for employees to take a break from the chaos at work. Additionally, they make a great place to host work events and meetings.

With all that said, terraces are not just meant for the office or apartment buildings. They can look absolutely stunning anywhere!

What are terraces made with?

The plants on your terrace will vary depending on your style, space, and weather. For example, if you are short on space, narrow trees and climbing plants may be best or if you get a lot of sun, we will avoid using certain plants. Luckily, our John Mini team has the expertise and skills to design a terrace with your needs in mind.

We recommend making the most of your space by keeping it open. We incorporate custom wooden arbors and other landscape elements that create interest in your space, but allow it to remain open.

Now is the perfect time to transform your space into a beautiful terrace designed by John Mini. Our experts have the knowledge and expertise to create a unique design tailored to your needs.

John Mini Distinctive Landscapes

John Mini Distinctive Landscapes

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