Outdoor Decisions

Outdoor Decisions

By John Mini Distinctive Landscapes
Posted in Outdoor Landscaping
On November 25, 2020

When choosing a plant for any space, it is important to take a variety of factors into consideration. 

  • What are the site and light conditions? 
  • What is the size of the plant at time of planting, and what will it be in its full maturity? 
  • Is it deciduous or evergreen?    
  • Is it a perennial or annual?  

Many times, in NYC we are challenged with sun/shade conditions.  Choosing the right plant for your space will determine its success.  Gardens that face north are generally shadier, and gardens that face south typically have ample sunlight.  In NYC however, a south facing street level garden can be challenged with a tall building to the south, thus putting it in the same category as a north facing garden.   

When deciding on the size of a plant, we want to, A - keep in mind the scale of other plants in the garden, B - understand access and feasibility into the garden, and C - be cognizant of its mature growth size. 

Deciding on a deciduous or evergreen shrub/tree can greatly change the feeling of the space.   A deciduous plant evolves each season.  In spring, the buds open with its fruit, flowers, or leaves.  In summer, the plant builds it energy to grow outward and upward.  In Autumn, the leaves begin to change color and eventually fall to the ground as the next years buds appear.  In winter, the showy bark of some plants get their time to shine.  While a deciduous shrub/tree offers seasonal change, an evergreen offers stability.  The evergreen plant will stand tall anchoring a garden, all while blocking you from an unsightly view.  They add color in the dead of winter, and in some cases red berries for contrast.  They can be used to outline a space and create barriers between rooms of the garden.   

While there are countless items, we are born to solve. Choosing the best fitting plant for the space is the usually the reason we are brought in by the client. The last item I would like to mention is choosing between perennial and annual flowers.  Perennial flowers return at the same time each year giving the garden a constant and trusted bloom.  Annuals live for one season before dying back.  It gives the gardener the option to change up a color pallet, add or try something different year after year.  

So… how can we help?  

Phil Adams, Sales & Design

John Mini Distinctive Landscapes

John Mini Distinctive Landscapes

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