Make Your Landscape Fall-Proof

Make Your Landscape Fall-Proof

By John Mini Distinctive Landscapes
Posted in Outdoor Landscaping
On September 26, 2017

Just because summer is ending, doesn't mean your beautiful landscaping has to as well! We asked our experts here at John Mini how you can prepare your garden for winter without compromising appearance, and here are their three key tips.

1. Don’t Forget About Maintenance

When the weather begins to get chilly and your summer annuals begin to fade, it’s tempting to cut back on maintenance, but don’t let the changing seasons fool you! Fall maintenance and Winterization are some of the keys to a stunning landscape year round.

Fall is the time to focus on planning, and fall maintenance is the best way to make sure your landscape comes back better than ever. An obvious first task is to clean up your dying summer landscape by pulling up annuals and cleaning out planters. Then, perennials need to be trimmed to ensure optimal spring growth, lawns need to be fertilized and given a close cut to prepare them for winter, and cold-sensitive plants need to be either protected or removed.

Keeping your landscape maintained will not only ensure that dying summer annuals won’t become an eyesore, but is also essential to getting your landscape ready for winter and spring.

2. Invest in Fall Plants

Even though fall plants have to be hardy enough to thrive as the weather gets colder, they can also add the color your landscape needs to pop on a dreary November day.

Plants like chrysanthemums, flowering kale, flowering cabbage, and pansies are fall classics for good reason: they all can take the cold while providing lots of color options to match with nearly any landscape. Chrysanthemums are especially design-friendly, as each year new colors and patterns give landscapers more options.

If you want to give your landscape a non-traditional feel, don’t forget that herbs like rosemary or thyme can give you a texture that will last well into the season. You can even reminisce about spring with cool weather plants like million bells or snapdragons.

3. Think About Hardscaping

Fall is a good time to invest in some hardscaping by installing a path, walkway, fountain, retainer wall, or whatever other landscape feature you’ve been missing.

Although you can install hardscaping at any point in the year, fall is often a natural time for this kind of work, as your landscape is already in the midst of maintenance. Rather than disrupting your gorgeous spring beds, why not take advantage of a fall replanting?

4. Winterize Your Irrigation System

If you have an irrigation system, make sure you prepare it thoroughly for the winter months to prevent damage from freezing. The optimal time to perform this maintenance is from early October to Mid-December. The procedure should be performed by a trained professional as it entails more than just shutting your sprinkler system to “off”.

The John Mini team of trained lawn sprinkler technicians are trained and qualified to ensure that there is no remaining water in the system, which could cause serious damage when temperatures drop to freezing. Irrigation systems are delicate and if this maintenance is not performed by a professional, you could end up with damage right from the start.

Giving your irrigation systems a proper “blow-out” will give you peace of mind that there are no issues when spring rolls around.

By following our tips, you can make sure your landscape reflects positively on your business all year round. We at John Mini are prepared to get your landscape ready for winter while never compromising the look you love. Reach out to one of our experts today!



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