JMDL Opens in Long Island City and Eyes Further Expansion

JMDL Opens in Long Island City and Eyes Further Expansion

Earlier in 2018, John Mini Distinctive Landscapes opened a satellite office in Long Island City. John Mini’s new space serves up office space and warehouse with room to grow. The JMDL team was interviewed to talk approach, reasons, and what it means for the future.

The office provides a hub for around 50 members of the 160+ John Mini team from supervisors to sales to design to management. The office was built in a way that aligns with the team’s values. Office workstations are positioned in an open and flexible manner to further promote the value “collaborate relentlessly”. The aesthetics and feel of the space are industrial and scrappy reflecting the value “Be resourceful”, while also nodding to the firm’s entrepreneurial roots. The attached warehouse is a game changer for the company’s operations, most notably their outdoor maintenance division. The warehouse collocates the division’s fleet of vehicles, team, supplies and equipment.

What were the reasons to open this location?

The investment in the space was thoughtful and purposeful. The decision ultimately boiled down to three overarching reasons.

First, the move is for the customers.  The space is minutes from Times Square and Grand Central, two of Manhattan’s greatest transit stations. Situated minutes from the Queensborough bridge, Midtown tunnel, and a plethora of mass transit options allows service teams and managers to easily access any of their customer’s sites and better serve them.

Second, the move presents a slew of operational efficiencies. The company is on a mission to be as efficient as possible, while not sacrificing service or quality. The team’s recent maniacal enthusiasm to minimize inefficiencies is driven by one specific goal: “invest back in their team”. John Mini Distinctive Landscapes is driven to build a distinctive team, built on passion and trained better than anyone else. A quote from ownership: “Relentlessly turning over every stone to find efficiency and reduce waste will allow the company to increase its team’s compensation. We want to shake up the perception of the landscape industry, traditionally understood as a place to just ‘have a job’. We want our teammates to have a career, one their passionate about and which can provide a solid quality of life.”

Third, the move “cherishes nature”. With the new warehouse comes efficient truck routes and better oversight of tools and materials. The new logistics reduce the outdoor maintenance divisions’ fuel usage by 30%. The simplified supply chain minimizes waste and direct oversight of tools reduces wear and loss of equipment. All this syncs with the organization's value to be mindful of its impact.

What does the move mean for John Mini Distinctive Landscapes long term?

The analysis and decision to move to Long Island City and this specific location was done quickly. Despite John Mini’s large size in its niche market, the move portrays the nimbleness of a start-up. As the company continues to grow, they will balance the strengths of a larger company while maintaining the mindset of a hungry entrepreneur.

Most importantly, the move signals geographic growth beyond its current footprint of New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. Operations beyond this area is on the horizon for John Mini Distinctive Landscapes. While this is a big move today, this will be a footnote in the future story that unfolds for the team.

Please visit John Mini Distinctive Landscapes at any of their locations or reach out below. If you pop into their new spot in Long Island City, be sure to enter at 10-56 46th Road, Long Island City and look for the garage boldly painted with the team’s purpose: “We Make Places Beautiful”.

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