Go Green or Go Home: John Mini Distinctive Landscapes wants to #GreenYourScene

Go Green or Go Home: John Mini Distinctive Landscapes wants to #GreenYourScene

By John Mini Distinctive Landscapes
Posted in Outdoor Landscaping
On February 08, 2018

One of our values is to “Cherish Nature”. Our passion for nature is embedded in our roots and continues to shape  how we run our business today.  Our commitment to nature coupled with the continued advancement of green technologies and new information  enables us to continue to measure our environmental impact and improve it!

Here are some of the initiatives we’re taking to ensure that John Mini Distinctive Landscapes maintains the smallest carbon footprint possible, while giving you bold designs for your business.

Disease Resistance

We have been working with our growers to offer more disease resistant trees, shrubs, and flowers. It is critical to to introduce plants to a landscape that won’t introduce new  pathogens to the native or preexisting flora in the area. Disease resistant plants are also less likely to need replacing down the road.

Client Guidance

While the final design is always a collaboration with the client, we always present customers with environmentally sustainable plants for their landscapes. We can guide you to choose plants that are disease resistant and require less watering and intervention (nutrients, chemicals, etc.). Not only does this help to keep foreign chemicals out of the soil, it also prevents water waste—one of the largest drawbacks of large landscape installation.

Smart Irrigation

Sustainable irrigation systems have come a long way in the past decades. Originally designed to help water crops in drought-prone areas with depleted aquifers, smart irrigation systems are now more scalable and efficient than ever. These systems can now be controlled remotely from smartphone apps. This flexibility allows our Account Managers to monitor your irrigation remotely, reacting to changes in the weather to provide efficient and cost effective water management. By utilizing smart irrigation, we can provide plants with the optimal amount of moisture, eliminating water waste and decreasing pest pressure.

Gas Free in 2018

This year, we’re decreasing our carbon footprint by investing in cordless, rechargeable equipment to replace our gas-powered landscaping equipment. Not only will this reduce the fossil fuel consumption of the business, but it will also greatly reduce noise pollution in the areas we’re working.

Think Global, Buy Local

Many of our vendors and suppliers are local, and we aim to keep it that way. By working with local resources, we minimize our environmental footprint while supporting the local economy.

We Plant Trees and Plants

One of our key measures of success is the number of trees and plants we plant. We strive to to reduce items like gas emissions and material use, while increasing the number of plants we source and plant. In the past five years, John Mini Distinctive Landscapes planted over 410,000 trees and plants.

NYC is our Playground: Mass Transit & Our Headquarters

We are grateful for New York City. Operating in a large, dense city provides us the opportunity to capitalize on efficient and pooled resources. Since we operate out of—and service clients mostly in—New York City, we have one of the world’s finest mass transit systems at our fingertips, and we use it. Whenever the job allows us to forgo our vehicles in favor of mass transit, we do so. Not only does this help reduce our own carbon footprint, it also helps us navigate the congested city quicker than driving. Sometimes we need a vehicle. In 2018 John Mini Distinctive Landscapes will invest in a satellite space 2.5 miles from Grand Central Terminal, the heart of Manhattan. This means even quicker response to our clients and less gas emissions from our vehicle fleet. Win Win!

Waste Not…

We make sure to separate our organic waste from our non-organic waste to ensure that it’s processed properly and that we’re not contributing to overuse of landfills. At the request of clients, we leave the organic waste to add to their community compost.

We will continue to research and hone ways to protect and preserve our environment.  For more information on the services we provide or to schedule an appointment, contact John Mini Distinctive Landscapes today.


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