Befriend the Earth: 7 Green Ideas for Earth Day at the Office

Befriend the Earth: 7 Green Ideas for Earth Day at the Office

Every day should be Earth Day! Our Earth is our home, which we should treat with care. After all, we only have one world to live on. Use this day to commit to a greener you by participating in these ideas for your place of work.

Plant a Garden
Plant some colorful flowers and plants somewhere near your office space. It’s best to plant one near a seating area where employees might go to take breaks. This will brighten up the area as well as help the Earth!

Enjoy Nature
If you don’t normally step outside for a break, give it a try on Earth Day. Go outside and enjoy the world you live in, even if it’s just for a few minutes! Go for a walk with an employee, on your own, or eat your lunch outside! As the wise cliché suggests, “stop and smell the roses” and take the time to slow down and enjoy nature at it’s finest.

Plant a Tree
If you have space, plant a tree! This will add to the oxygen we need and provide health and wellness to the world we live in. Not to mention, they are a beautiful part of nature.

Save the Plastic
Find the best alternative for you and your employees and refrain from using water bottles and single use coffee cups. By utilizing a reusable water bottle and a mug, you can save a lot of plastic that would otherwise be overwhelming landfills and dumps.

Take the Initiative
When you go into work, take the initiative to make sure your workspace is environmentally friendly. Check and see if recycling is taken seriously and suggest adding some indoor plants to promote wellbeing.

Make a List of Goals
Write down a list of goals you’d like to achieve to help the Earth. For example, invest in a reusable water bottle, reduce consumption of unnecessary products, avoid plastics, or even create a vegetable garden!

Local Events
Go to a local Earth Day event and celebrate your planet with the community. On April 22, John Mini Distinctive Landscapes is coming to NYC with giveaways to help spread the love of gardening and encourage everyone to take some time from their busy days to slow down, get their hands in some dirt, and grow something beautiful.

Earth Day is a celebration of the beautiful land we live on. Although we should consider every day Earth Day, today is a good reason to start being a greener you. For any landscaping questions or assistance, contact John Mini Distinctive Landscapes today!

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