Explore possibilities for your space and the John Mini experience.

Elevated Landscapes

Rooftop landscapes present their own unique challenges, but our outdoor service team is up to the task.

The Holiday Décor You've Been Looking For

Here's what you can expect when you choose to partner with John Mini

Our Values

Passion inspires our work. Expertise sustains it.

Team Spotlight #5

Scott Ahlborn, Sales and Design, describes what a client can expect when they partner with John Mini.

Team Creating Joy

Here at John Mini, we work year round to produce the highest quality holiday experience.

A Peaceful Sanctuary

Retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to a calm green roof where life slows down.

Live Well with a Living Wall

We work with the top manufacturers in the world to liven up your indoor environments with a living wall system.

Team Spotlight #4

Regional Account Manager Andrew Engel speaks to our passion in designing unique environments for each client.

Going Green with Greenery

Aesthetics are important, but providing earth-friendly planting options are essential.

Team Spotlight #3

Account Manager extraordinaire Kim Vogel explains the importance of indoor landscapes in office environments.

The Most Important Part Of The Process

Decades of experience and a large operations team capable of handling projects of any scope.

What We're Most Proud Of

The culture we foster allows us to create truly distinctive work for our clients.

Team Spotlight #1

Our President, Jack Harris, explains what it takes to stay ahead of the curve.

Team Spotlight #2

Meet our Senior Designer, Jack Mascharka, as he examines the diverse inspiration that drives our Design Team.

Escape Into A New Outdoors

From rooftop gardens and pocket parks, to mid-floor terrace greenscapes and lush courtyards, John Mini does it all.

What Inspires Us

Members of the John Mini Team weigh in on what inspires them at work.

Landscape Meets Archaeology

The iconic architecture of this space provides the ideal inspiration for a naturalistic design.

Rooftop Sneak Peek

Take a look inside the process of one of our exciting roof top installations in Downtown Manhattan!

Rooftop Sneak Peak - Part 2

Here's another peek at one of our exciting roof top installations in Downtown Manhattan!

Creativity and Talent Under One Roof

At John Mini, we’re not afraid to color outside the lines.

Gearing Up For The Holidays

Distinctive holiday decor custom-made for each space.

Rooftop Woodland Respite

Watch as we create a serene escape from Manhattan as a representation of nearby Central Park.

We Make Places Beautiful

At John Mini Distinctive Landscapes our passion is our profession. We bring nature where people live, work, and play.

Be Bold. Be Distinct.

Where ingenuity and authenticity meet to create beautiful indoor, outdoor, and holiday landscapes.

Garden Infinity

This National Award Winning garden offers the soothing effects of a walk in the woods in midtown Manhattan.

Enhancing Health Through Horticulture

John Mini Account Manager, Bobby Bandura, shares his role in improving office environments with plants.